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10 Wedding Catering Trends to Know

April 23rd, 2014 in Wedding Rings

Weddings and receptions are becoming more modern in style. Today’s brides are doing more interesting things and making their big days more personal for themselves and for their guests as well. What better way to put a creative spin on your wedding day than being fun and interesting with your catering? Catering can be made to fit in with your theme and can bring lots of great details that can only add to your big day. There are many new ideas and trends for wedding day catering that can really make your family and friends have the time of their lives.

Photo by dbgg1979 (Flickr)

Photo by dbgg1979 (Flickr)

Utilize Color

While planning the wedding, there are so many ways to use your desired colors other than in the flowers and the dresses. Most good caterers can infuse your colors into your desired foods for the reception. For instance, for a black-and-white wedding, Oreos and ice cream sandwiches can be served for dessert. Red foods such as tuna tartare make a great appetizer, as does edamame or wasabi sauce if your color scheme includes green. Another great idea incorporating color is to match a small appetizer with a cocktail: When the guest takes a colored drink, they’ll get a single serving of a matching hors d’oeuvre. A soup shooter, a small serving of soup, can be colored using some delicious ingredients as well and served up during cocktail hour as a small appetizer.

Healthy Diet

With the incorporation of so many diet restrictions, and with everyone trying to “go green” nowadays, you can offer up food items at your reception that will accommodate most preferences. Heavy sauces and fatty foods don’t have to be served at a formal reception. You can make it lighter fare and offer healthy, yet hearty options for your guests. Another great alternative is to offer some vegetarian, vegan, organic, and gluten-free foods. A great chef can come up with an endless amount of healthier foods to offer your guests.


A great alternative to being served your meal at a reception is to have it family-style. Your guests will make great memories if they have more interaction with each other. This style of meal allows guests who may not be familiar with each other get to know one another better. They have the bride or groom in common and can talk about the ceremony, the newlyweds, or anything else under the sun. Just remember to keep your centerpieces simple or have only the food be the centerpiece.

Tasting Menus

As tasting menus are becoming a trend in restaurants, they are becoming big with wedding receptions as well. With between five and seven smaller courses, you will be able to offer great foods to your guests. You may even be able to have a different wine with each course, if your budget allows. Although most of the time will be spent eating and not as much on the dancing, your guests who may be foodies will really enjoy the sophistication and elegance of a tasting menu.

Chef Stations

Chefs can have stations instead of simply putting out a tray of food. Food can be made to order for your wedding guests, so your reception will appeal to everyone’s preferences. A few ideas would include an oyster station, a sushi station, a hibachi station, a grilling station, and the options go on and on. This gives your guests more choices and allows them to possibly have a little of each item. The chef can either be stationary or have a rolling cart and travel to each table.

Food Bars

In keeping with the traditional wedding reception foods, you may choose to offer your guests a meatball bar with a cheese bar beside it. Cheese wheels can be made to look like a wedding cake by stacking them next to many different cheese choices for your guests. The meat eaters will enjoy the meatball bar with many different sauces from which to choose. The meatballs can be made into mini appetizers with the cheeses or just enjoyed on their own with the selection of sauces. Another great idea for a delicious food is having a doughnut bar for guests to munch on their favorite type of doughnut while they mingle.

Carnival Snacks

One of the best things about going to the carnival is the food. Incorporate these delicious and fun foods into your reception by offering them to your guests. Cotton candy, caramel popcorn, funnel cakes, and many other foods can show your guests a great time. There are many ways to make these more sophisticated snacks by presenting them in a more formal fashion.

Childhood Favorites

Give your guests some good old nostalgic foods at your reception. A cookie with a shot of milk is a creative way to incorporate childhood favorites into your wedding day. Slushies served in chilled glasses will give your guests a refreshing treat. You could offer a sundae bar where guests can choose the toppings for their ice cream. A s’mores station is a great way to give your family and friends a special treat, especially if your reception is outside. People want to have a good time at a wedding reception, so give them some things that remind them of when they were younger.

Breakfast and Cereal Bar

Breakfast is such a great meal, so why not incorporate it into your reception? You could offer guests bacon-egg-and-cheese croissants, bagels, hash browns, and pancakes. There are many creative ideas that caterers can do, such as breakfast cupcakes that guests can hold as an appetizer. French toast sticks and mini sausages are simple to serve as well.

Sophisticated Favorites

Everyone loves fast food favorites. You can offer these foods at your wedding, but they can be dressed up so that they belong at a formal affair. Mini burgers in a cute wrapper will give your guests their favorite foods in an easy-to-handle way. Fries can be wrapped up in decorative paper containers and served alongside their usual counterparts. Fried drumsticks and onion rings can be served the same way. These foods can be dressed up just like any other high-class foods and served at your reception.


The World’s Best Destination Wedding Guide Part 2 By: Steve Young

April 18th, 2014 in Wedding Rings

Wedding planning is all about logistics. While there are many articles on the internet that address many common sense planning options, here are two tips that should be addressed immediately before committing to a destination wedding.
For many, marriage can be a legal name change, a new passport, a marriage penalty tax, and even a pathway to citizenship. Because marriage involves the government, in some states or countries, making your marriage legal may become your largest concern. For example, if you were to have a civil marriage in England, meaning a marriage outside of the church, you would need to post a public announcement of your intentions for fifteen days before your ceremony date. This would greatly extend the length of your stay in England, therefore increasing your wedding budget a bit more. On the other hand, in the State of Hawaii, you will not have to wait one second to get married after you obtain your marriage license from the Department of Health.
Wherever your wedding ambitions may carry you, make sure you completely understand the legal procedures of getting married of that given destination. More so, it is also important to understand if there are any legal consequences that would arise from getting married out of your hometown. For instance, if a bride were from the United States and the groom were from the UK, and the groom traveled frequently out of the country for work, how would a legal marriage in Hawaii affect his passport status and his work if he were to apply for citizenship in the United States? Could Hawaii process the marriage license fast enough for his new passport to be processed? I honestly don’t know the answer. But, an immigration lawyer sure would. So in this case, consulting an immigration lawyer for advice may serve that couple well.
In most cases, making a destination wedding ceremony a legal marriage is quick and painless. Because the wedding industry contributes a great amount of money to the local economy, most states, cities, towns, and countries have streamlined the process. For the most part, making a marriage legal only becomes a larger concern when either the bride or groom has to deal with immigration issues, or when a couple gets legally married out of their home country.
Do not forget, if things get too complicated, you also have the option of legally getting married in your home town, then traveling to your destination to conduct the ceremony.
Choosing the right location for your wedding is much more than just an aesthetic choice, it’s a choice that must be logistically functional. For most destination couples, many will not get the chance to visit the location of your wedding until the day of their ceremony. If you plan to spend a pretty penny for your wedding, and you can afford to do so, I suggest that you pay a visit to your wedding location to check everything out. If visiting the location of your wedding is out of your budget, then much of your research must be done via the web. But don’t panic, finding a great location via the web is very plausible.
There are three rules when choosing a great location for your wedding and they are as follows:
1. IS IT POSSIBLE? – This is the first big question you must ask yourself before committing to a location? Is it possible for you and your fiancé to get married there? There are churches that only accept church members who have gone through an extensive religious protocol. There are beautiful estates that don’t allow weddings. There are beaches that you just can’t get married on. And then there are just some locations that are not available, as they are already booked. Do not start dreaming or planning until you know what is possible.

2. LET THE BACKGROUND DICTATE THE FOREGROUND – It’s one of the golden rules in photography, but also the golden rule to location scouting. Your wedding ceremony is the foreground; now, check out the background. Is it busy? Are there any opportunities for it to get busy?

For example, a couple decided to get married at a private estate that overlooked a beautiful empty lake. They visited the lake on a weekday and it looked empty, peaceful, and awesome. But little did they know that on weekends, which was they day of their wedding, it became a very popular water ski destination. Because they didn’t let the background dictate their foreground, they got a lot of party-going teenagers in many of their ceremony pictures.

3. LOOK WITH YOUR EARS – A location may look great on camera, but just how well does it sound? In many cases, especially with hotel venues, a ceremony location may photograph well, but it may not sound well. Sometimes, right around the corner of your venue is a pool where families and kids play very loudly. And then there are times when a hotel wedding venue can be disturbed by some noises coming from the hotel rooms directly above. Acoustic problems are not limited to hotel venues, but many outdoor locations as well. Beaches are notorious for being very windy, making videotaping of your vows close to impossible.

The easiest way to look with your ears is by looking at amateur wedding videos on YouTube. This will give you a good idea if there are any distracting sounds that may happen during your wedding. Simply conduct a simple search of the name of your venue and see what pops up.

If you remember to look with your ears, you’ll do just fine.

The real quick fix to the logistical nightmare a destination wedding may pose is a professional destination wedding planner. In PART TWO of my article on logistics, I’ll address finding the perfect wedding planner.


The World’s Best Destination Wedding Guide Part 1 By: Steve Young

April 17th, 2014 in Wedding Rings


I’ve been working in the wedding industry for over fifteen years, planned over three thousand weddings, and have heard almost every story under the sun about why a couple chose to run away to tie the knot. But what was the number one reason I’ve been given? Truthfully, a couple just wants to escape the cost and stress of planning a wedding gala at home.
A destination wedding is definitely an attractive option, but it’s not for everyone. While there is no velvet rope that I know of, to enter the coveted club of destination brides, there are three major details that every bride must consider before committing to a ceremony away from home. I call it the prequel of your wedding. And those three finer points are as follows:


Running away to elope beyond the horizon of your hometown may sound very romantic. In fact, it may fulfill that childhood dream of yours. But have you asked your father what he thinks? Maybe, just maybe, it was his lifelong dream to give you away at your wedding, something he’s waited 30 years for. Remember that your dream wedding is also the dream of many others as well. Before committing to a destination wedding, make sure those you are very close to are okay with your escape plans to get married. You don’t have to satisfy everyone’s emotional needs when planning your wedding but it’s good to just hear what they have to say. Usually, if there are any concerns, your destination wedding would only require minor tweaks for you to make everyone reasonably happy.
The next thing to consider is whether you and your fiancé are emotionally ready to handle the planning of destination wedding. If you are a “hands-on-and-detailed” type of person, you may struggle with the idea that destination wedding planning is mostly “hands off.” For the most part, you will be relying on a stranger, whom you come to trust, to plan one of the most romantic days of your life for you. In many cases, you will not be able to see what your wedding will look like until you arrive at your wedding. You will not get to meet your wedding planner, photographer, hair dresser, or any vendor until a few days before your ceremony. If something is not the right color, if there is possibly rain on your wedding day, or some other element of your wedding is not as ordered and cannot be fixed, you must be willing to accept it, move on, have the power and will to still enjoy the most romantic day of your life. By and large, the psychological profile of a destination bride favors one who is very much laid back and is able to just go with the flow. A bride who cannot come to terms with the emotional commitments of a destination wedding can quickly turn into a “Bridezilla,” and no one wants that.
In the coming weeks, keep an eye out for the next part of this series where I’ll discuss the logistics of making a destination wedding happen. It may seem like a huge, daunting task to plan a wedding when hundreds or thousands of miles away, but if you follow my guide you’ll have all the information you need to walk down the aisle at the location of your dreams!



How To Choose the Best Flowers for Your Big Day

April 15th, 2014 in Wedding Rings

Wedding Bouquet Photo by: Jerry Ferguson

Your wedding day is one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. There is a lot of planning and preparing for the special day, but usually, most of it comes together in the most perfect and beautiful way. When planning your wedding flowers, there is a lot to think about, such as your theme and your colors, which you’ll want to incorporate into your flowers. When talking to florists, discuss your style, your dress, your ceremony, and how personalized you want your flowers to be. There are many decisions to make when it comes to your flowers, and you want your big day to be perfect.

Preparation is Key

Before attempting to shop around for the right florist for your special day, you must gather some information that will be necessary in deciding which one is right for you. Know your budget before finding your flowers. Make sure your florist can work within your budget and still give you the wedding flowers that you want. You’ll also need to know how many of each item that you’ll need, so have your final bridesmaid and groomsman count before you go. Have a general idea of what your theme or style will be. Your florist will need to know if it is a simple, modern, formal, or casual wedding.

Important Information for the Florist

When visiting the florist that you’ve chosen, be ready to discuss all of your finalized ideas. It would help to bring pictures and other visual aids so that they can see what they will be working with. Show them pictures of your wedding gown, the bridesmaid dresses, and the tuxedos. Bringing a swatch of fabric will allow them to see exact colors as well. Show them how the hairstyles will be, whether the bridesmaids will be wearing their hair up, down, or natural. It will also help if they can either see the venue for the ceremony or if you show them pictures so that they can see the décor, the layout, the windows, and the carpet.

Ask Questions

When you find a florist that you like, asking them questions is very important. Find out their vision for your big day. Ask for pictures, sketches, or the real thing when it comes to seeing ideas for flowers and arrangements. Find out if they include other details such as candles, linens, and lighting. Ask about how quickly the flowers will wilt on your wedding day, depending on the weather. Find out if they guarantee the flowers and what the substitutions may be if they aren’t able to get your original choices. Be sure that you have confidence in the florist that you choose.

Style and Shape

When deciding on flowers, consider your dress. Your flowers should fit well with your chosen attire. The size of the bouquet should “match” the length of your train: When your gown is full and the train is long and elaborately decorated, the bouquet should be long-stemmed flowers or have a cascading design. If there is no train or if the dress is not full, a more casual or simple bouquet should be used. Consider your body type and shape when choosing your bouquet as well. You won’t want your flowers to hide your beautiful gown, but you also don’t want to look like you are carrying the flower girl’s arrangement. If you are taller, consider using a cascading bouquet or an arm sheaf. Shorter ladies should carry a more compact style, while ladies with a larger frame should carry something fuller.



Terms To Know When Ring Shopping

April 13th, 2014 in Wedding Rings

2371295845_05b846cd55_s Photo by: ilovebutter

When shopping for a ring, it is very important to know what you are looking for before you buy. Understanding ring and diamond terminology is a basic necessity in order to get the perfect ring for your money. It all comes down to knowing your preferences and knowing what you can afford to purchase. When you have adequate knowledge of these basic terms, you’ll be able to buy the perfect ring for your perfect someone. Before you leave the house, brush up on these common terms before searching for your ring.

The Four C’s

The cut of the stone refers to the shape of the stone. You can get a round, pear shaped, oval, princess-cut, emerald-cut, heart-shaped, marquise, or radiant-cut stone. The “make” refers to the quality of the stone’s cut. A combination of these things will determine how much sparkle the stone will have in the light.

The color of the diamond is measured depending on the amount and tone of the color in the stone. A colorless diamond is rated a D, and that means that it is exceptionally white. Letters D through H are white in color, while I-through-Z-rated diamonds are tinted. The Z rating indicates a yellow or brown tone in the stone. Someone who is not familiar with this color scale can still see the difference between shades of the stone.

The clarity of the stone refers to any imperfections within the diamond. These are called inclusions. When there are obvious flaws or inclusions, the diamond is less brilliant because of the inability of the light to properly pass through the diamond. The diamond is magnified 10 times and graded on its clarity based on the number of inclusions, the size, the color, and the reflectivity of the light.

The carat is the weight of the diamond. One carat is equal to 200 mg in weight; most people assume that the carat is the size of the stone. The cost of the stone is based on the carat weight first, then based on the cut, clarity, and color. When the carat weight increases, the cost of the stone will increase as well.


Solitaire refers to a ring that is a single diamond in a plain metal setting. There are no other decorative diamonds on the ring or in the setting: The single diamond is the featured stone on the ring. In contrast, a multi-stone setting has several different featured stones.


A semi-mount ring is one that has a place for a featured stone, but the setting is already adorned with decorative stones. These stones can be diamonds or another type of stone. They will enhance the featured stone.


A pavé setting is a semi-mount setting with tiny stones set extremely close together so that hardly any metal from the ring shows through. The word comes from the French word for “pavement” because it looks as if it is paved with tiny stones. The pavé setting gives the appearance of lots of sparkle and shine.

Ring Metals

The actual ring is made up of metal, and you can choose which metal you’d like for your ring. The most common rings metals are yellow gold, white gold, silver, platinum, tungsten carbide, and titanium. The strongest metals are platinum, tungsten, and titanium, and they will not be as susceptible to normal wear and tear or possible damage as gold, white gold, or silver.



Choosing the Perfect Wedding Day Gift

April 11th, 2014 in Wedding Rings

Remember Your Wedding Day A framed engagement photo and wedding announcement is a great gift on your wedding day. Photo: Aaron Brothers

We all look forward to our wedding day because we are marrying the one person we want to spend the rest of our lives with. Your family, special friends, the carefully selected gifts from your guests, and the entire day are all very special, but the one thing that makes your day just a bit more exciting is receiving a special wedding day gift from your very-soon-to-be spouse. Who doesn’t love opening a special gift from the love of their life right before they devote their life to them? Your wedding day will fly by, and before you know it, the day will end. Put a special spin on the day and say “I love you” by giving your fiance a gift that they will treasure for years.

Plan Ahead

You don’t want to be searching on the morning of your wedding for something to get your spouse. Do your shopping or planning ahead of time. Decide if you want your gift to be something special, like jewelry or a watch, or if you would rather it be something sentimental, such as a poem, a personalized journal, or something that you’ve made. Sometimes budget is an issue, while sometimes you may have a very special idea that doesn’t cost a great amount of money but will mean a great deal to your spouse.

Traditional Gifts

The most common gift ideas for spouses are pieces of fine jewelry. A popular gift for grooms is an engraved watch to be worn during the ceremony. At the same time, a common gift for a bride is a strand of pearls or diamond earrings to be worn when she walks down the aisle to meet her soul mate. These types of gifts can be more costly and should be planned ahead of time. A piece of jewelry is a nice gift for the wedding day because it can be worn again and kept as an heirloom for many generations to come. Having things personalized and monogrammed, such as a silver frame, a journal, or a handkerchief, is also a traditional gift but with a more personal touch.

Sentimental Gifts

Sometimes brides and grooms choose to make their gift more sentimental and original. It might be something that declares their love for each other, such as writing your own vows, or it may be something that can solely be for them. Ideas for original wedding day gift ideas may be some that are created by the bride or groom, such as a poem, a special letter, a song, or a photo album. Other sentimental gift ideas would be having a painting made, making a special piece of furniture or art, planting a tree in honor of your spouse, or performing a special song at the reception. Any gift that is original and can’t be reproduced is a wonderful gift for your wedding day.

Useful Gifts

Once you’re married, you might be going on a blissfully wonderful honeymoon. A nice idea for a wedding day gift is something that your spouse might like to have for your first official trip as husband and wife. A new camera might be a great thing to have for your trip because you’ll be able to record memories of your time together. These photos and videos are things that you’ll treasure for a long time. Something that is useful and functional and can be used well into the future is a great idea as well. Other useful gift ideas would be luggage, new furniture, or even a new car, if you have the ability to be extravagant!

Whatever you decide to do for your wedding day gift to your spouse will indeed be special. Giving and receiving a gift from your true love is a wonderful way to start off your big day together. Your decision to be half of a beautiful union is a great present in itself, so any other special little gift will surely brighten your day.




Happy Birthday April: All about Diamonds

April 10th, 2014 in Wedding Rings

4736181261_f50796529f_s Photo by Seth Lemmons

The diamond is one of the most sought after gemstones in the world. People have been wearing diamonds as decorative items since ancient times. The diamond is characterized by its ability to disperse light and by its hardness. Diamonds are graded by their color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. Engagements rings traditionally include diamonds in the center as a solitaire or in its decorative characteristics, but it is also the birthstone for the month of April, and can be beautifully set in any piece of jewelry.


The diamond dates back billions of years, and is thought to give the wearer inner strength and the ability to have a better relationship with their partner, as it is the symbol of eternal love. Although the stone was thought to be found first in India, diamond cutting began in the 1300s in Venice. The industry began to flourish in the 15th century when trade routes were opened and Europeans started wearing the stone as a symbol of wealth. Brazil became an important source for the diamond in the 1700s as gold miners found them in rivers. In the 1800s, diamond deposits were found in South Africa as well. Eventually, and into the 1900s, diamonds were found in Russia, Australia and northern Canada.


A diamond is formed at around 100 miles below the surface of the earth at high temperatures and pressure. It is unique because it is the only gem that is made from only one element, and is 99.95 percent carbon. The other trace percentage is what gives the stone its color and original shape. Carbon atoms are isometric, which means they bond in all directions to form the stone. The diamond is so hard that it can only be scratched with another diamond. The stone is over 50 times harder than any other substance in nature. Once the stone is polished and cut, it becomes a brilliant and beautiful stone. Diamonds can be found in many colors including yellow, brown, black, blue, green, pink, red, orange, purple, and most commonly white. The impurities in the stone determine the color of the diamond. Many hours of hard labor are necessary before a diamond can go from the mine to the jewelry store case.

The 4 Cs

Diamond buying, whether it be for a birthstone or an engagement ring, has some guidelines that the buyer can follow to get information about the stone. The four Cs include cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. The cut is the type or shape of the stone. Diamonds can be round, oval, pear, princess or emerald cut, among many other shapes. The color of the diamond is determined by the hue in the stone. Colorless diamonds are rarer, but the scale goes from D to Z, so there are many hues, some of which are hard to see with the naked eye. The clarity depends on the inclusions or blemishes that the diamond has. Many times, these inclusions are hard to see with the naked eye. The brightness and contrast of the light is the brilliance. A brilliant stone shows the light through the top, as it is not too deep or too shallow in depth. Round diamonds show brilliance better than other shapes. The way the light is dispersed through the stone because of its clarity gives it a characteristic called “fire”. A stone that is very reflective of the light, making it appear in rainbow colors has fire. The carat is the weight of the stone, and one carat equals one fifth of a gram in weight.



Happy Birthday March! All About Aquamarine

April 9th, 2014 in Wedding Rings

8384530694_3548ec080b_s Photo by: Mauro Cateb

The name of the birthstone for the month of March, the aquamarine, is derived from Latin meaning ocean water or water from the sea. The belief behind the beautiful stone is that it protected sailors as they went away on their voyages. It was believed that the stone calmed the sea and kept the wearer levelheaded and calm. Aquamarines are mostly found in Brazil, but the stone has also been found in Ukraine, Pakistan, India, Madagascar, Nigeria, Zambia, and Mozambique. Aquamarines are hard stones and have been known to have a more intense color the larger they are. Like emeralds, aquamarines originate from the mineral beryl, or beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate. The aquamarine crystal can be found in a range of sizes, and the largest known to date was found in Brazil in 1910 and weighed in at 224 pounds. There is a bigger demand for the smaller stones in jewelry, as the larger ones are harder to use in this industry.

Shape and Cut of the Aquamarine

Because the aquamarine originates from the beryl family, it usually appears as a transparent to pale green-colored crystal. Although beryls are best cut into rectangular and square shapes, the versatile aquamarine can be cut into any faceted shapes, as it makes beautiful jewelry. The most popular shapes for this stone are the emerald step cut and the round or oval brilliant cut, but the aquamarine can be also seen in the ever-popular cushion and pear cuts as well. The stone is naturally harder, so it is easier for jewelers to design many different styles around it.

Color of the Aquamarine

Most aquamarine stones are lighter blue in color, but they can also be found in dark blue, green-blue and blue-green. The stones that have more color have a higher value, and deep blue is the more sought-after and rare color of aquamarine. There are many people who love aquamarine with the lighter, more clear sky-blue color over the ones with deeper color, so both have value in the eyes of the jewelry designer. Some stones on the market are treated with heat to give them a purer blue color, but most aquamarines are untreated. Color and clarity are the two criteria that are most important when evaluating aquamarine stones.

Clarity of the Aquamarine

The best-quality aquamarines are clear and transparent, but because the stone is from the beryl family, it can contain inclusions that appear to be tubes that run through the length of the stone; however, most stones cut with facets look clear to the eye. When there are foreign minerals within the aquamarine, they can give it a cat’s-eye effect. These stones cost much more and are extremely rare and very valuable because of their interesting and different look. Most of the stones that you’ll see in the jewelry industry have a glass-like look after they are cut and polished. Aquamarines naturally have good clarity when compared to other similarly colored gems.

The aquamarine is obviously a very versatile and wearable stone. It is sturdy, clear, and beautiful, and those are only a few of its better attributes. Fortunately for the aquamarine admirer, the stone is just as attractive in any cut, shape, or color. Most aquamarine pieces have their own individual beauty, and everyone looks beautiful wearing the stone. Even if your birthday isn’t in March, the aquamarine is a great stone to add to your jewelry collection.



Larson Jewelers Announces Spring Sale

March 31st, 2014 in Wedding Rings

The internet’s leading tungsten wedding band retailer announces the addition of the new tungsten ring styles and the start of their Spring Sale.

Long Beach CA, March 31st, 2014 – Larson Jewelers ( is proud to announce their 214 Spring Sale.  Our Spring Sale will be the kickoff of the 2014 spring wedding season.  This amazing sale will have sale prices on just about every single ring style.  Some of these beautiful styles will have their prices slashed from 40% all the way up to 70% off!  Couples can take advantage of these outrageous sale prices during this time to purchase a beautiful pair of tungsten wedding bands from Larson Jewelers.  Most of our styles come in both men’s and women’s widths and sizes, for those who prefer a matching wedding band set.  Even if your wedding isn’t until summer, or even winter, you should not pass up this chance to get an amazing deal.

To make a great sale even better we are proud to announce new additions to the already extensive line of Thorsten Tungsten Rings.  The most popular of these additions is an 8mm wide tungsten carbide ring.  This style features beautiful polished beveled edges with an alternating cut design.  The center features a brushed finish for a more subdued look.

If you’re not yet in the market for wedding bands are but are perhaps planning to propose this spring, you will still get a great deal on our affordable engagement ring line!  These beautiful rings are set with authentic Swarovski crystals giving  these engagement rings a beautiful sparkle.

About specializes in unique wedding bands and now offers unique engagement rings. To learn more about our tungsten wedding bands collection, please visit:



Larson Jewelers Announces Move to Long Beach

March 26th, 2014 in Wedding Rings

The leading tungsten carbide rings and wedding bands retailer announces they have moved to a new location in Long Beach .

LONG BEACH, March 26, 2014 – Larson Jewelers ( is proud to announce they have moved to downtown Long Beach, CA. In order to best serve the needs of their customers Larson Jewelers has moved to 235 E. Broadway Long Beach, CA 90802.  They are at the corner of East Broadway and Long Beach Blvd.

From their new location, they will still able to provide the same great quality service to their customers.  Now, with an even more spacious showroom, customers are able to view an even greater variety of wedding bands styles and selections for both men and women.  Our new and improved showroom sports original refurbished exposed brick walls adding character and charm to this historical art deco building originally constructed in 1922.  Their newly remodeled showroom uses multimedia technology to help customers find the perfect ring.

Only a short thirty minute drive from downtown Los Angeles or the heart of Orange County, the City of Long Beach is ideally situated for the majority of their LA and OC customers.  Located directly between Los Angeles County and Orange County, Long Beach allows their team of wedding ring experts to serve customers wherever they are located in Southern California.  Moving to a centralized location was particularly important because Southern California is such an expansive area. “We have had customers come visit our showroom from all over southern California, including San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego counties.” says Vanessa LeBeau, Marketing and Merchandising Manager for Larson Jewelers.

Customers can now comfortably browse Larson’s selection of over 250 different styles of tungsten wedding bands.  They proudly offer the largest selection of tungsten wedding bands for men and women.  By carrying the largest selection available, they make sure their customers never compromise on style or quality.  Larson Jewelers not only offers the largest selection of tungsten rings that you will find but also a large selection of ceramic, cobalt and palladium rings.  Besides offering the largest selection available we also offer only the highest quality rings from top American designers.  Partnering with brands such as Triton, Thorsten, Benchmark and Novell Design Studio, customers can rest assured their rings are of the highest quality.  To further put people’s minds at ease, each of these manufacturers are backed by a lifetime warranty, which covers re-polishing as well as accidental breakage. They are currently having a huge Spring Sale.

About specializes in unique tungsten wedding bands and rare styles. To learn more about our new tungsten carbide wedding bands styles, please visit: